Why Lexington and Virginia gun laws have a lot in common

By Lauren O’Connor | 11 February 2017 12:35pm EDT In the wake of the mass shooting in Las Vegas, Virginia and Virginia Tech, several states are considering stricter gun laws, including Virginia’s new ban on high-capacity magazines.

The new legislation, introduced in March by Lt.


Ralph Northam, has already led to a rise in gun sales and a significant drop in violent crime.

The Virginia ban, however, does not apply to law-abiding citizens who already own a firearm, such as those who own a rifle, shotgun, or handgun.

Northam’s proposal has received widespread attention, as well as support from some of his Democratic colleagues, who are hoping that his efforts to crack down on violent crime will lead to more gun sales.

But gun advocates have raised concerns that the legislation would make Virginia more dangerous, by making the state more prone to violent crime by allowing people with felonies to obtain firearms, even if they have not committed a crime.

The Virginia bill, which was introduced after the Las Vegas shooting, requires people who buy a firearm to obtain a background check, complete a background investigation, and submit to an additional background check before they can purchase a firearm.

According to a summary of the bill provided by Northam’s office, the process is similar to a fingerprint check, and requires the person to fill out a form that contains a series of questions, such to what address the purchaser has to provide to obtain the firearm, and the type of firearm to purchase.

Under the legislation, the state will also require the purchaser to fill in a criminal history check.

The Department of Criminal Justice Services is tasked with administering the law.

According the summary, the department will review records to determine if a person is currently or has been convicted of a violent crime, has a history of mental health issues, has mental health treatment issues, or has committed another violent crime within the past year.

Virginia law currently requires a background report from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), which would determine if the background check indicates that a person has any criminal history, mental health or treatment issues.

According to the Virginia Attorney General’s Office, the new legislation is the most stringent in the nation, and has the most sweeping provisions.

According in a statement, the bill is aimed at helping Virginia reduce the number of firearms that end up in the hands of criminals and the violent criminals that prey on our communities.

It also includes provisions that require background checks for all transfers of guns to private parties, and for all sales to federally licensed gun dealers.

According a summary provided by the Attorney General, the law will require the state to track the number and type of transfers, including transfers to federally approved gun dealers and gun show outlets, as of July 1, 2018.

The bill requires the Virginia Department of Public Safety to collect the information on every transfer of a firearm made through a federally approved dealer.

Under current law, there is no federal law that requires a licensed gun dealer to check the criminal history of anyone who sells a firearm within their business, according to the summary.

The bill is also designed to limit the number who can purchase weapons.

Under the new law, anyone with a felony conviction in Virginia will not be able to purchase a gun.

According the summary of Northam proposal, people who have been convicted in Virginia of a misdemeanor or a felony within the last five years will not qualify for a gun purchase permit.

Individuals convicted of misdemeanor or felony violent crime in Virginia, a felony in another state, or other felony charges will not receive a gun permit.

The list of felonies includes drug-related charges, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and theft.

According in a summary, individuals who are convicted of possession of a controlled substance (CDS) within the previous five years, as defined by the state, will not have a gun license.

The state also requires the licensing of people who use CDS to be able access guns.

The legislation is also aimed at preventing people from purchasing firearms at gun shows.

Under current law a person may purchase a firearms license by completing a background transaction, which involves obtaining a check of their criminal history and other information.

The background check will then be reviewed by the Virginia State Police and the ATF.

A spokesperson for Northam told CNN that the bill “provides Virginia with a common-sense way to keep our communities safe.”

“We want to make sure our citizens feel safe and secure in their everyday lives, and this law makes that easier,” the spokesperson said.

The NRA, however — a gun rights advocacy group that has lobbied against gun control legislation — has criticized the new bill.

In a statement to CNN, the NRA said the bill would “put the NRA’s interests ahead of common sense,” and noted that it is “the NRA’s longstanding position that criminals should not be allowed to buy guns.”

“If Virginia is truly concerned about the safety of its citizens, then these reforms are

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