Who’s ready for the NBA lockout?

A new study suggests that as the NBA’s owners decide how to deal with the lockout, there’s a good chance the league’s rules will be changed to help keep players engaged in the game.

The research, by sports economists David B. Paske and Mark A. Zolotowski of the University of California, Berkeley, comes on the heels of other studies that have suggested that the NBA has become less and less popular as players and fans have turned away from the sport.

In a piece for The Wall Street Journal, Paske writes that, since the NBA began allowing fans to purchase tickets to games online in 2011, “the number of fans attending games has fallen by a third.”

The number of people watching games has also fallen.

The paper’s authors, Passe and Zolottowski, write that while the NBA may have been able to avoid the lockout entirely by limiting access to tickets to the games, it’s unclear whether the NBA would have been as popular had it allowed fans to watch games on their own.

While fans may have become more engaged with the game in the past few years, the authors say that their analysis shows that, by 2025, fans are likely to be much less engaged with basketball.

That’s because, in the current state of the NBA, the NBA is less popular than ever, they write.

In the future, if the league wants to make up for its dwindling fan base, it will need to find ways to attract more fans, said Paske, who has written a book about the rise of social media.

If the NBA does want to be more popular, he said, it needs to make sure that the league is not in a position where it’s not engaging fans.

And he added that the most important thing for the league to do is to try to increase the number of NBA games it hosts each year, not reduce the number it has. 

The study found that, in 2025, only 2.5 percent of fans watched every game, down from 3.8 percent in 2011.

The study also looked at fans who are fans of the other 32 NBA teams and found that they are likely less engaged.

The percentage of fans who said they watched every NBA game fell from 7.6 percent in 2010 to 6.4 percent in 2025.

Fans who were fans of only the other teams were less likely to say they watched at least one game in 2025 compared to fans who were not fans of any teams. 

In the future as the league tries to find new ways to keep fans engaged, Pashe said, the league will likely be more focused on creating new opportunities for fans to attend games.

For example, fans could purchase tickets through the league site, which would provide them with more opportunities to see games.

The NBA also could expand its fan experience beyond the game to offer fans the opportunity to visit other fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, Pasde said.

That could help to bring more fans to the game, he added. 

Paske and Zoltowski’s study was based on data from the National Basketball Players Association, which includes players from all 32 NBA franchises.

It did not include information about the teams’ attendance and other details that might shed light on the popularity of the teams or the extent of their fan base.

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