Which Texas law will be upheld in federal gun lawsuit?

Dallas, Texas (AP) A federal judge in Texas has ruled that a state law that requires gun owners to surrender their guns at gun shows to prevent “sudden and widespread” violence was constitutional.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Texas in San Antonio ruled Thursday that Texas law was constitutional under the Second Amendment.

Texas is one of several states that have similar laws.

The law also does not apply to people who do not want to surrender firearms at gun sales.

The law also did not apply when the gun was purchased at a gun show, such as a private sale or by someone purchasing a gun through a federally licensed dealer.

The lawsuit filed by gun rights groups against the state was based on the state’s concealed carry law.

The plaintiffs argued that allowing people to carry guns without a license was unconstitutional.

The judge in the case agreed with the plaintiffs that it was not necessary for the state to require gun owners who are not licensed to carry to surrender the guns to the state in order to prevent violence.

The judge also said the state could not require gun sales to be conducted in private.

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The ruling did not directly address the lawsuits that have been filed against the Texas law.

But the court said the court will consider those cases as they are appealed.

Texas is one, along with Colorado, Michigan and Oklahoma, that have passed laws that require gun dealers to hold firearms in their buildings and to provide a licensed person to verify a gun buyer’s identity.

In some states, the requirement has been challenged.

In March, a federal judge ruled in favor of a Texas man who was sued by two other men after they bought a handgun from a gun store in Wichita Falls.

The court rejected the plaintiffs argument that the gun dealer was a private person who was not required to provide the purchaser with a background check.

The state also has an existing concealed carry gun law that allows residents to openly carry firearms in public and to carry firearms into school zones.

The case has drawn attention to the nation’s gun laws.

Lawmakers in Connecticut and New York have proposed legislation that would allow licensed gun owners in those states to open fire at other people without having to go through background checks.

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