Which states have their own laws that limit who can marry a same-sex couple?

The laws of the states differ, with many of them making it a criminal offense to do so.

The only exception is Wyoming, where a civil union is a legal form of marriage.

Some states are still debating what constitutes marriage, but in general, same-gender couples are not allowed to marry.

The states that have their laws on the books are Hawaii, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington, according to the Associated Press.

But even there, the question of marriage equality is on the minds of voters in the upcoming elections, and they are weighing the pros and cons of a state-by-state marriage ban.

If they do ban it, would you be okay with it?

Here’s what to know.


Who Can Marry?

Same-sex couples can marry in some states, such as Alaska, Oregon, Vermont, Utah and Wyoming.

However, the laws of those states differ greatly.

Alaska has no specific law regarding marriage, and it is up to the state legislature to pass a new law, according the AP.

Utah has no official marriage law, but it is in the process of amending its constitution to make it legal.

Alaska, Washington, Montana and Idaho also have laws that allow same-day marriage, while Wyoming has no marriage laws at all.

Alaska’s marriage laws also don’t specifically say that same-sexual couples can be married in public.

If you’re married, that’s not a problem.

But in many states, people can’t marry at all unless they have a court order to do it, according Toilolo.

Alaska is the only state that doesn’t recognize same-person marriages from other states, and Alaska’s state constitution prohibits marriage from being contracted in public places.

It’s up to local governments in Alaska and other places to make that determination, according Terri O’Neill, a spokeswoman for Alaska Attorney General Cynthia Fry.

Alaska allows same-sibling couples to marry, but only in certain cases, including in court or in certain religious ceremonies.

For instance, the governor has the power to decide who can wed a child.

Wyoming doesn’t have a specific definition of marriage, though the Wyoming Civil Marriage Amendment says marriage is only between one man and one woman, according AP.

Some counties in Wyoming have passed similar laws, according KQED-TV, but they are not considered official by the state.

Some lawmakers have argued that marriage equality would allow for a more diverse state and reduce racial and ethnic disparities in marriages.


Is it Illegal to Marry a Same-Sex Couple?

It is illegal to marry a person of the same sex in the United States.

That means you can’t have sex with a person or two men or two women, and if you’re marrying a same sex couple, you can not marry them.

That’s not the case in other countries.

In the United Kingdom, it is a criminal offence to perform or assist in the performance of a same gender sexual act, though it’s not explicitly criminalized in the country.

It is, however, illegal to have sex in public, according The Independent.

In Japan, the Criminal Law Amendment Act of 1995 made it illegal to engage in a samegender sexual act with someone who is a Japanese citizen, and anyone convicted of violating the law could be fined.

In Finland, the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act of 2008 made it a crime for a samesex couple to marry in public and said that they could face a fine of 500,000 kronor (about $1,600) for every violation.

Finland’s penal code also says that anyone who performs or assists in a marriage that is “unnatural or against nature” is liable for a fine up to 500,00 kronorgor (around $1) for each violation.

However in most countries, same sex couples cannot get married unless they get a court-ordered marriage license.

That can take a lot of time and resources.

The Australian Government has said that same sex marriage is illegal in all Australian states and territories, but that it is only legal in certain circumstances, including the case of same sex unions with people who are legally married to the person they love.

Australia has a similar ban on same-Gender Marriage in New Zealand, but not in the rest of the country, according Reuters.


Can a Same Sex Couple Get a Civil Marriage?

A couple may marry in a civil ceremony, which is legal in the state where they live.

However it is not illegal to get married in a foreign country, unless it is against their will.

If the couple in a married relationship wishes to get a divorce, they will need to get permission from their country’s legal department, according ABC News.

In some countries, couples may also get a marriage license in their home country before getting married in another country.

In New Zealand and Australia, couples can get a civil marriage license

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