Which of the 10 Most Popular Laws in India?

In this list, the most popular laws of India are listed by the number of times they have been passed.

The most popular law of each state is also listed.

The list includes:1.

Criminal defamation law (Section 4(1)(c)) in India, which has been around since 2004.

The law punishes anyone who makes false or defamatory statements against a public figure and, if the statements are defamulatory, also provides punishment of up to five years in jail.2.

Prevention of corruption, bribery, cheating, money laundering, and tax evasion (Section 9) in India.

The Prevention of Corruption Act was enacted in 2001, with the aim of tackling corruption in the public sector.

It was amended in 2013 to prohibit corruption and the enforcement of laws, including the Prevention of Money Laundering Act.3.

Anti-terrorism law (Sections 7 and 8) in Pakistan, which was implemented by the National Action Plan on Terrorist Financing (NAPTF).

The law aims to combat terrorism and extremism.4.

Child marriage (Section 5) in Bangladesh, which is widely supported by the Muslim community.

The Child Marriage Prohibition Act was passed in 2012.5.

Income tax (Section 8) is a tax that is levied on income earned from a trade or business and remitted to the central government.6.

Income-tax (Section 20) is also known as the tax on income tax (ITEP) and is levied for the purpose of paying tax to the government.7.

The Income Tax (Protection) Act was implemented in India in 1992.

This Act was later amended in 2012 to allow the government to tax individuals and corporations, but not individual non-resident Indians.8.

Prohibition of dowry, child marriage, and child prostitution (Section 2(1)) in Bangladesh.

The Act prohibits the practice of dowries and child marriage in India as it is seen as an offence against religious morality.9.

The Anti-Corruption Act, 2016, was passed by Parliament in 2017, and the Criminal Procedure Code was amended to allow prosecutors to seek imprisonment for individuals and firms found to have engaged in corruption and to increase penalties for individuals found to be involved in corruption.10.

Prevention and Control of Money-Laundering Act (Section 26) in Malaysia, which criminalises money-laundering by entities or persons engaged in business activities.11.

Prohibition on the possession of arms and ammunition (Section 7) in Sri Lanka, which allows the use of weapons for defence.12.

Prevention to the unlawful transfer of funds (Section 10) in Iran, which requires the Government of Iran to impose restrictions on foreign transfers of money.13.

Prevention against the acquisition, use, and/or possession of child pornography (Section 13) in Thailand.14.

Prevention for unlawful disposal of public money (Section 14) in South Africa.15.

Anti fraud and cyber security (Section 18) in New Zealand, which states that no person shall be entitled to benefit of any law, ordinance, rule, regulation, or other written or unwritten law or other formal or informal act or practice, or to receive any benefit of a law, or ordinance, or rule, that relates to the business or financial affairs of any person or entity without having complied with the conditions thereof.16.

Prohibition against the incitement to riot and/ or unlawful assembly (Section 22) in Indonesia, which applies to all forms of protests, including demonstrations, strikes, marches, and other forms of mass mobilisation.17.

Prohibition for incitement of criminal breach of the peace (Section 32) in the Philippines.18.

Prohibition to the wrongful detention and/ and wrongful deportation of persons (Section 44) in Turkey.19.

Prohibition from any person engaging in illegal gambling (Section 46) in Azerbaijan.20.

Prohibition and prohibition on the illegal importation and export of arms (Section 57) in Iraq.21.

Prohibition (Anti-Corrupt Practices Act, 2017) of corruption in India and the imposition of penalties for persons found guilty of corruption.22.

Prohibition in India of the importation, sale, and manufacture of arms in the country, including in the military, for the purposes of military operations and other public affairs purposes.23.

Prohibition, for purposes of section 23 of the Anti-Money Laundering (Anti Money Laundry) Act, 2015, of any financial institution from accepting foreign currency (in currency denominated in Indian rupees or any other foreign currency) and from selling or exchanging such foreign currency for Indian currency for the benefit of foreign entities.24.

Prohibition by India from providing any assistance or assistance to any foreign entity which provides any assistance to an entity which operates a business in India or to any person who, directly or indirectly, provides financial or other assistance to such an entity.25.

Prohibition or prohibition on funds or funds of an entity in a country or in the territory of a country from being transferred to or for

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