Which Law School Is Right for You? Top Law Schools

It is not uncommon to hear someone who attended a law school with a high percentage of black students mention the fact that it was not a good place to be black.

This is often the case when a person who is from a lower socioeconomic status or with less education than the average person has applied for a job.

But there is one school in the United States with a higher percentage of African American students than any other law school.

And while this might be a slight oversimplification, this fact does not mean that all law schools are racist or that a law degree does not benefit the white population.

While the University of California, Berkeley has the highest percentage of students from low socioeconomic backgrounds, its law school also has the second highest percentage (25%) of African Americans in the entire country.

In addition, Berkeley’s school of law also has a higher share of Black students than the other law schools in the nation, with the University at Buffalo at 13%, the University and State College at 12%, and the University, Penn.

The reason for this disparity is due to the fact, as law school admissions experts will tell you, that law schools tend to recruit students who have the ability to excel in their field.

With the exception of one school (Harvard Law), all of the law schools on this list have a higher than average percentage of Black applicants in their law school class.

The University of Chicago also has high percentages of Black Law Students, while Yale Law School has the lowest percentage (8%) of Black law students in the country.

With such a high diversity of law schools around the country, it is hard to know which law school is the best for you.

Which Law Schools Are Right for Black People?

What are some of the most important factors that help determine if a law schools admissions process is fair?

Is there a bias against Blacks in the admissions process?

There is a great deal of anecdotal evidence to support this claim.

For instance, a 2015 study conducted by the New America Foundation found that only 11% of the top 50 law schools surveyed had a racial bias in their admissions process.

The same study found that, of the schools with the highest percentages of Blacks in their graduating class, only 7 of those schools had a higher percent of students who were from low-income families than the national average.

In other words, the schools that have the highest proportion of Blacks are doing a great job recruiting students who will be successful in the profession.

Does having a history of civil rights law or other civil rights-related work influence a school’s admissions decisions?

Law schools are required by law to offer admission to students who are able to apply to the school and meet the university’s standards of academic ability and professional potential.

This means that many of the same factors that determine whether a school will admit students of different races into their classes are the same ones that determine which schools will admit Black students.

So if a school is looking for a law student with an interest in law, they would be better off looking at schools with a history or strong civil rights advocacy that have an active presence in their community.

Is there discrimination against Black applicants?

While there are some schools that may discriminate against Black students, the vast majority of law school applicants are qualified students with a record of civil and human rights activism.

The Supreme Court of the United State has said that “no individual is entitled to an inferior education or to an unequal opportunity because of race, color, or national origin.”

While many of these same schools have a history with civil rights activism, the percentage of Blacks who apply to their schools is much lower than that of whites.

So while there may be instances of discrimination that may go against a school based on race, it’s unlikely that this would be the case in a large majority of cases.

What do you think of this article?

Are there any law schools that are particularly racist or sexist?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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