When the Supreme Court hears marriage equality case

When the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of same-sex marriage last week, some expected it to come down to a handful of conservative justices and two liberals, all of whom would side with marriage equality.

Instead, the Court’s liberals and conservatives will join forces to hear the case, which could ultimately lead to the end of same sex marriage in the United States.

A federal judge has already declared the federal Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, and several states are considering similar legal challenges to same-gender marriage.

However, it’s unclear what will happen in the Supreme court.

The justices’ vote could come down either way, and the court’s decision is almost certainly going to be on the question of whether states can prohibit same- sex couples from marrying.

The state of Tennessee, for example, is planning to allow same- gender couples to marry if they apply for the marriage license.

In Kentucky, a group of state lawmakers filed a federal lawsuit to stop a county clerk from issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples.

The federal court is hearing the case on behalf of the U, S. Department of Justice and the federal government.

“The Court will likely decide this case in the affirmative by allowing a state to deny licenses to gay couples,” said Sarah Schoen, the legal director at the Center for American Progress, a liberal advocacy group.

Schoen said the ruling could also affect the outcome of the same-person marriage amendment, which would legalize same- genders married under certain circumstances.

In Tennessee, the state legislature passed the marriage amendment last year after the state Supreme Court upheld the state’s ban on same-gendered marriage in 2014.

In June, the U S. Supreme court struck down the state marriage ban, which has since been struck down in a federal court.

Tennessee voters approved the amendment, but the amendment was not on the ballot until November, when the Tennessee legislature approved it.

Tennessee law allows same–gender couples to get married in the state, but only if the person applying is a registered domestic partner, and it only applies to married couples.

It does not apply to same gender couples living together in a domestic partnership.

Marriage licenses for same- sexes who live together in domestic partnerships would be required to show their name and address.

Tennessee also has a requirement for married couples to register as domestic partners if they want to get a marriage license and get married.

However, Schoen said, it is unclear whether the state would enforce these requirements.

“Even if Tennessee passed a new law, it would not necessarily require all married couples who live with their domestic partner to register,” Schoen told CNN.

Tennesseans who live apart from their domestic partners would have to register with the state and undergo a background check, which is a separate procedure than that for same sex married couples, Schoe said.

Schoe also said it is possible that some same-sexual couples may not be eligible for the licenses.

“That’s possible.

I don’t know for sure,” she said.”

We’ve seen that in states like Florida and other states that are trying to make it easier to get licenses.

They’re not able to do that in Tennessee,” Schoe added.”

They could also say, well, we don’t have any data to show that that’s true.

I’m not going to make that assumption,” she added.

Tennentessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery has been a vocal opponent of the amendment.

He told CNN that he would have opposed the marriage ban in 2014 because it would have violated the First Amendment.

But he was forced to drop his opposition to the amendment after the Supreme.

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