When the average Texan gets hit with a crime, she gets shot

When the American average gun owner takes his or her daily shot, the average law-abiding citizen is not nearly as safe as the average person in a place like Texas, where most residents own guns and have been known to commit crime.

A recent Pew Research Center study found that while Americans have a high level of trust in police and a lower level of distrust in law enforcement, gun ownership is an area in which the public has a mixed relationship.

In 2015, only 39% of the public thought that gun ownership was very important, while 72% thought that it was not very important.

While the public is divided on gun ownership, more people say they have a positive attitude toward gun safety than a negative attitude toward it, according to the survey.

The Pew Research survey asked a series of questions about the public’s perception of gun ownership and gun safety.

The survey found that people in most states and some rural areas are concerned about gun safety, but they are more likely to say that the public can do more to help people keep their guns and not to say the public should do more.

More than half of the people polled in Louisiana, for example, said that it is “extremely important” that people with mental health problems be allowed to keep guns, and about a quarter of people in Tennessee said they believed that guns should be prohibited on public property.

But gun owners are also less likely to believe that the country is safe, the survey found.

In a majority of states surveyed, only 35% of people said they trust the federal government more to protect the nation from crime, and just 21% said they trusted the states.

Gun owners in most of the states surveyed said that they believe the federal governments “are not doing enough to protect people from guns,” according to Pew.

The results are consistent with the national gun control trend.

Across the country, the share of people who say they trust their local government more than the federal agencies they rely on for their own safety has dropped to 17% from 18% in 2014, according the Pew survey.

Some states that have had relatively high levels of gun-related violence have seen a decline in the number of people trusting their local governments, including in Arizona, where the percentage of people saying they trust local government dropped from 67% in 2015 to 65% in 2016.

But it is unclear why people in the U.S. are less trusting of local government than people in other countries.

The reason could be because the public in the country tends to have a more negative perception of local governments than those in other places, such as France, Australia, and Spain, according a 2017 study by Harvard University sociologist William B. Darity and his colleagues.

That may be why the publics trust in the police is so low.

When asked if they trust police, a majority in all of the surveyed states said “no.”

In fact, just 36% of Americans said they have trust in law-enforcement officials.

In Texas, for instance, less than a third of the state’s residents said they would trust the police “if they did what they were told.”

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