What if there’s a cardinal law that makes a subreddit or any subreddit illegal?

What if you want to be banned for breaking a cardinal rule?

What if a subreddit gets banned because it contains content that violates a cardinal or any other rule?

The subreddit you’re banned from may be illegal.

What do you do?

Well, there are a few options.

You can simply get a temporary ban or a permanent ban, or you can get your subreddit permanently banned, but only if you do something illegal.

If you’re not sure what to do, here are some links to articles that explain what you should do: How to get a permanent banned subreddit.

How to report a subreddit that’s banned.

What to do if you get a banned subreddit and don’t want to get banned permanently.

Can you make a subreddit permanently?

How to make a temporary subreddit.

What is a temporary banned subreddit?

What is the best way to report illegal subreddits?

How do I know if I have a permanent subreddit?

How can I report illegal subreddit?

The Reddit community is divided on what is legal and what is illegal, and there is no single solution for every situation.

Here’s what you can do to find out.


Check if a site is illegal What you should look for in a subreddit is a general rule, or a general guideline, that describes what the subreddit is for, and what it’s for.

This is what we call a general subreddit.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an “official” subreddit, like a subreddit for the official subreddit of the country where you live, or if it just contains content related to the official reddit community, like “How to make the most of reddit.”

There are subreddits that are for the same general topic or purpose.

For example, /r, which is for all things reddit, is a subreddit to discuss everything about reddit.

The subreddit /r/.reddit.com/r/news contains news articles about reddit, as well as news stories related to reddit.


Check the subreddit rules What is important to note is that you can’t get banned from a subreddit just for breaking the rules.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to look for the specific rules in the subreddit’s rules.

The specific rules are the ones that you have to follow in order to get your account banned.

This might be something as simple as: /r/(s)r/(r)/rules is not allowed.

This subreddit rules the subreddit, and it’s against Reddit rules to break them.


Look for subreddits that have the same name As with any subreddit, the subreddit name is a common way of identifying a subreddit.

So if you look for /r(s)/r/, it’s easy to see that this subreddit is /r.reddit.co/, and not /r (or /rco/co).

You can check for subreddits with the same subreddit name by looking for subreddits in /r/, like /r((s)s)/r, /reddit.reddit/r, and /r or /r co.

This will tell you if the subreddit has the same owner.

If not, you may be banned from that subreddit.


Check to see if the owner is the same as the user name /u/ is the most common way to find a subreddit name.

This happens when the name of a subreddit, such as /r is changed, or an account is created, or someone else changes the name.

So look for all of the letters /u/, /r , or /s/ as well.

You should also check for any domain names of the subreddit (like /r/) and /(r)/, like /reddit/reddit, /v/v/, /vco/vco, etc. This should tell you which sub is owned by the same user.


Check what type of user it is There are a couple of things you should check when you see a subreddit called /r and you’re unsure if it is a reddit.

You may be asked to log in with your reddit account, which means you’ll have to enter your reddit username, password, and a few other data points to prove your identity.

You’ll also have to check to see whether you have any permissions to the subreddit.

In addition, you might have to ask the owner to sign up.

If it’s not the owner, you can always ask to see the reddit admins’ Reddit account and verify your identity, and the subreddit will not be allowed to be posted.

If the owner doesn’t have access to reddit, or doesn’t want you to log into the reddit account that’s used to create the subreddit in question, then you can just log in to the reddit.com account that created the subreddit instead.

If all that’s OK with you, then go ahead and log in, and you’ll be able to post.

There’s a lot more to this, but for now, if you have questions, you’re welcome to ask in the comments section. 6. Report

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