The pope’s new cardinals, cardinals of the Church of the Holy Spirit

A new generation of cardinals has arrived at the Vatican, and their role in the Church’s development is one of the most important aspects of the papacy.

The new cardinal, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, has already made a mark in the church, and is expected to have a significant impact on its future.

He is the first cardinal to take up the title of cardinal, which is an honor bestowed upon the most senior priest in the clergy.

The title of pope has been reserved for the pope, but has been given to the prefects of the Vatican and bishops in the provinces.

In the past, the title has only been conferred upon the bishops in their dioceses.

The cardinals have a great deal of responsibility for the development of the church’s institutions.

In order to fulfill that responsibility, the cardinals need to develop their knowledge and skills.

The cardinal also has a responsibility to maintain and promote Catholic values in the society.

Cardinal Viganœ is an experienced and respected man, who has a strong personal faith and deep spirituality.

His role is to promote the Catholic values, which are rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Cardinals should respect and protect the rights of the faithful.

Cardine John Paul II was one of Pope John Paul I’s greatest secretaries.

He was a great man, but the church lost a great one when he left.

The first cardinals in the position were chosen in the 1950s.

The first cardinal to be ordained was Bishop Antonio Maria Curio in 1952.

This was after John Paul’s resignation in 1968, when Pope John XXIII, who had been elected in 1968 by the cardinal election, made the announcement that he would resign in order to make way for the next pope.

The cardinals are expected to take on the responsibility of keeping the church in line with the requirements of the law, while also promoting a new generation.

This is the most critical role that cardinals can play, said Vatican correspondent Mario Zuccoli.

This is the person who is supposed to be in charge of protecting the people, the church and the Church itself.

Viganü, who is known as the “king of bishops,” is expected also to help the Holy See with a number of social issues, including the fight against AIDS.

The pope also plans to appoint several cardinals to important posts in the Vatican.

The two most important ones are Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, who heads the Vatican Secretariat of State, and Cardinal Francesco Gabrielli, the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the group responsible for the liturgy and doctrine.

Vatican reporters, however, are not expecting any change in the appointments of the cardiers, nor is it expected that there will be any changes in the status of cardinal Viglia.

The Vatican press office said it would be “upsetting” if the new cardines were appointed without consulting the Vatican itself, and that the Pope had already made his decision on the appointments.

The appointment of the new cardinal will take place in a new Vatican building.

Viglia was the first cardine to become pope.

He is currently in charge in the Congregational Orient, where he oversees the operations of the religious order.

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