The best ‘Saturday Night Live’ skits to watch this season


— — “The best ‘SNL’ skit to watch during the ‘Monday Night Football’ playoff games.”

–“The best skit during the Super Bowl in the ’80s.”

— –“One of the best ‘The Tonight Show’ skittles during the first half.”

— The most memorable moments of the NFL playoffs, and the best of the season, are here.

From the ’70s through the ’90s, NBC and CBS were known for their unique take on Saturday Night Live sketches.

But they never had a team with the clout to create their own.

Now, two decades later, the SNL team with clout is back.

The network’s Saturday Night Fever reboot is on the air, and there are plenty of laughs to be had.

Here are the 10 best “Saturday Night Fever” skits and the funniest moments from the show.

–“I just wanted to get a shot in the face of the guy who shot the police car.

I was gonna throw him in the sea, but I’m gonna have to go with that one.”

–After the Supergirl’s funeral, the team of comedians is ready to go after their old boss.

–The team of comedy duo, including comedian Kevin Hart and stand-up Kevin Murphy, are preparing to hit the road for the first leg of the Superbowl showdown against the Steelers.

–Murphy tells them they’re going to need to find a new place to eat, and he’s ready to take them out to lunch.

–As they’re making their way to the local restaurant, Murphy offers his wife a job with the restaurant.

–A little later, they’re having some fun at a bar, with some new employees.

–While Murphy and his friends are having some good time, the guys behind the bar are having a bad time.

–When the bar opens up, they discover it’s full of angry punks who are pissed off about Murphy’s decision to go out drinking.

–It’s a classic “SNL” sketch: The bartender’s drunk, and his only choice is to drink the rest of the drink.

–After they’re finished, Murphy and the rest go out for a drink.

The guys are having the time of their lives.

–Finally, they realize they’re the ones who were supposed to be the last to leave, but they’re still missing their friend.

–They get up, walk down the street, and meet up with their friends, but that’s when things start to get ugly.

–At one point, Murphy is so angry at the bar owner that he starts throwing the patrons out of the establishment.

–He gets the bad news that his wife has a job at the restaurant, and that they’re leaving.

–All of this is going well until Murphy throws the bartender out of a window.

Murphy and Hart end up fighting outside the bar.

–And that’s just the beginning.

–Watch “SNLL” with our interactive video above, or on the TV version of “Saturday NIGHT LIVE” at 8:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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