Texas gun laws put guns out of reach for most

In the wake of the tragic shooting death of a Texas teenager at a party, lawmakers are trying to make sure people don’t go to a gun show without a license.

But some lawmakers are taking a step back, noting that it’s too early to talk about the broader issue of gun control.

Gun control is an issue that people have to grapple with, especially in a country that has seen the worst mass shooting in U.S. history in June of 2016.

But lawmakers are also grappling with a new reality in Texas, where they are dealing with an influx of people from around the country, many of whom want to buy guns.

They want to protect their right to bear arms.

In a statement Thursday, Sen. Joe Straus, R-El Paso, who is also the chair of the Senate’s gun control subcommittee, said his committee is reviewing gun laws, including what’s known as a “license to carry,” and whether to move forward with a bill to ban or loosen restrictions on gun purchases.

In Texas, a handgun license is required for anyone 21 or older.

The state has been one of the strictest in the nation on gun possession, with no background check required.

The law also requires a license for anyone to carry a concealed weapon in public.

The Texas Tribune thanks its sponsors.

More:Texas already has one of those requirements, but the Legislature has set a new one that will require a license to buy a gun.

“It’s important that we ensure that the right people are getting the right gun,” Straus said.

He said he’s considering an amendment that would make that requirement more stringent.

Sen. Donna Campbell, D-Houston, the committee’s chairman, said that if a bill is approved, it would take effect by Jan. 1.

The Texas Tribune/MCT via Getty ImagesThe proposal has the support of the NRA, which has opposed any changes to the current law.

In response, Straus’ office said that a gun rights group was using his office to promote the bill.

The Senate’s bill is being debated by the gun control panel, but not before it was referred to a subcommittee.

The Senate will vote on the legislation when it returns from a break Feb. 14.

It has not yet passed the House of Representatives.

The state’s new law takes effect on Jan. 31.

A similar bill is pending in the House.


Greg Abbott signed the law on Tuesday.

The governor has said he would veto any measure that he deemed to be a violation of his state’s gun rights.

In the wake the shooting, the Texas legislature has set up a task force to look at how to make gun laws safer.

It is expected to take up the issue at its next meeting in January.

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