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Which Texas law will be upheld in federal gun lawsuit?

Dallas, Texas (AP) A federal judge in Texas has ruled that a state law that requires gun owners to surrender their guns at gun shows to prevent “sudden and widespread” violence was constitutional.The U.S. District Court for the District of Texas in San Antonio ruled Thursday that Texas law was constitutional under the Second Amendment.Texas […]

Chicago’s new curfew law goes into effect Friday

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday that the city’s curfew law is in effect until at least Monday.The law will take effect immediately after it is fully implemented, according to the mayor’s office.The curfew will last for one hour per day for all residents of Chicago.Anyone found in violation will face up to a $200 […]

When is an NHL player eligible to go on a contract extension?

The NHLPA has said the union’s position on the matter remains unchanged, although a contract extensions are not in the cards.The NHL’s new collective bargaining agreement has the possibility of adding a “strike buyout clause” to players contracts, which could increase the chances of players agreeing to extensions.The union has said it believes the players’ […]

How Noahide Laws Can Protect You From Getting Arrested

Noahide laws protect people from being arrested if they enter their own homes in order to avoid being discovered and/or charged with trespassing, according to a new article from the Washington Post.In a recent story, the paper reported that the state’s Noahide law allows homeowners to shield their property from law enforcement officers in order […]

New York state law sets out the legal framework for the ‘newtons first’ law

New York State law set out the legally binding framework for a law allowing people to use a device to record and store videos without their knowledge.The law was passed last year and goes into effect this weekend.The legislation is part of a broader package of legislation designed to combat online crime, including online privacy […]

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