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How to avoid a possible gun law of shock in Arizona

Law enforcement officers in Arizona have been preparing for a possible “gun law of the shock” by purchasing “more than $600,000 worth of high-capacity ammunition,” according to the Arizona Republic.The newspaper reports that law enforcement agencies from across the state are purchasing the large amounts of ammo to supplement their arsenal of firearms.The Associated Press […]

Why the Arizona Gun Law Is a Disgrace to the Gun Owners

When a gun is not registered, how does that matter?We should ask that question when a gun owner wants to make an illegal purchase, even if the gun is registered, argues Arizonans Elder Law attorney and Gun Owners of America board member, Chuck Arneson.The problem is, no one knows.We don’t have any data to go […]

When the law is good, the law will always be good

Posted November 18, 2018 05:33:37A lot of people think the gun laws in Australia are very lenient.But that’s not always the case.There are some states that actually criminalise the possession of guns, and many others that make it illegal to have one.What follows are a few stories about what’s going on in Australia and around […]

Jim Crow laws in Arizona, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah are in limbo

Jim Crow, Jim Crow Laws, and the Law of Syllogism.Jim Crow Laws and the law of semantics are three laws that are being debated and challenged in several states across the United States.A case in Arizona recently reached the U.S. Supreme Court and will decide if Arizona’s draconian new law, SB 1070, is constitutional.SB 1070 […]

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