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California is cracking down on people who are selling guns, ammo, ammunition to people in California

CALIFORNIA, CA—California is cracking up the legal gray market in firearms, ammunition and ammunition accessories.The California Gun Laws Enforcement Commission released new regulations Thursday to make it harder for gun dealers to buy and sell to people who live in the state.The new regulations are meant to curb sales and purchases of ammunition that is […]

How to read Texas gun laws

Texas law allows citizens to carry a concealed weapon with them in most public places, including restaurants, bars, churches and school zones.But law enforcement officials say it’s difficult to determine if the laws have the desired effect.Some states allow people to carry firearms openly in public, but many don’t.We took a look at the law […]

When is an NHL player eligible to go on a contract extension?

The NHLPA has said the union’s position on the matter remains unchanged, although a contract extensions are not in the cards.The NHL’s new collective bargaining agreement has the possibility of adding a “strike buyout clause” to players contracts, which could increase the chances of players agreeing to extensions.The union has said it believes the players’ […]

How to avoid the Implied Consent Law

By now, most of you have heard about the case of Rachel Dolezal.A young African-American woman, Dolezel had been accused of stealing the civil rights movement’s first official endorsement by being a white woman, in order to make herself look like an authentic, fully-fledged member of the civil-rights movement.Dolezals misdirection and misrepresentation was, in essence, […]

How to rank law school rankings

Law school rankings are no joke.In the early days of the law school market, the process involved sorting through hundreds of thousands of resumes and asking applicants questions that many didn’t even know they wanted to answer.But in 2017, the law schools are having an effect.Law school recruiters and admissions offices are offering more personalized […]

“A Good, Simple Law Is All It Takes”

Author: James Pethokoukis, Robert Stacy McCain, and David French Article Author: David French, Robert J. Pethoks, and James P. P. McCain article In his recent book, A Good, Simplified Law Is all It Takes, PethOK, Jr. argues that the federal government should be required to regulate all states’ marijuana laws in a way that’s easy […]

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