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Charles law formula: ‘Let’s just keep doing what we do’

Charles Law has urged Irish people to “keep the momentum going” after the country’s election results, saying the country “needs to make a change”.Key points:Mr Law, the countrys first sitting Catholic leader, has been criticised for his stance on abortion, marriage equality and the death penaltyIn his address to the National Convention in Galway, Mr […]

Why Illinois has a more restrictive gun laws than many states

When Illinois became the nation’s most restrictive gun-control state in 1996, many states followed suit.And that led to an explosion of state laws that limit gun ownership and ammunition, including in some of the most conservative states.But the latest law passed by the Illinois House of Representatives would expand those restrictions even further, by allowing […]

How to avoid a possible gun law of shock in Arizona

Law enforcement officers in Arizona have been preparing for a possible “gun law of the shock” by purchasing “more than $600,000 worth of high-capacity ammunition,” according to the Arizona Republic.The newspaper reports that law enforcement agencies from across the state are purchasing the large amounts of ammo to supplement their arsenal of firearms.The Associated Press […]

Why Cornell Law School is still accepting applicants for the 2017-2018 school year

Cornell Law has decided to hold its 2017-2019 school year open to students for the first time since the 2016-2017 school year.In a letter to students posted on the school’s website on Wednesday, the law school said it will be holding the school open to applicants from January to March 2019, though it has not […]

The landlord and tenant laws

Tenants who rent to their landlords, or other landlords, can be forced to pay for the landlord’s property, including the rent they pay.Read more.article Tenant law The tenancy laws in Australia are very complex and are usually based on state and territory laws, but they can also be very broad.In many states, tenants have a […]

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