Kepler, Newton: ‘We’ve got to have a better sense of what this universe is all about’

A new study finds that two laws of nature, the first law of thermodynamics and the second law of gravity, are the most likely explanations for the existence of dark matter.

The first law, which describes how atoms behave, has been the subject of much debate, with physicists arguing that dark matter may interact with normal matter.

But new research has found that the second and more subtle law of gravitation is much more likely to explain the existence, behavior and evolution of the universe.

The new study, which is published in the journal Physical Review Letters, was led by astrophysicist Paul Scherrer at the University of Edinburgh.

“Dark matter has always been thought to be something that we’ve just never observed,” Scherrer said.

“Now we’ve found that it actually works.”

The second law has been suggested as a reason why the universe has a dark energy, or energy that is constant.

But it has never been observed in sufficient detail to have been proven, so the question remains why the energy of the dark energy has not been measured.

In the new study researchers used a large-scale survey of the Universe to look for gravitational waves.

Gravitational waves are the ripples caused by the interaction of two different objects in space.

They can be caused by events such as a planet passing in front of a star, or the collision of two galaxies.

The ripples in the universe can be observed by observing the gravitational waves produced by gravitational interactions.

In this study, they looked at the distribution of the matter in the Universe, measuring the density of the material in galaxies and using the Hubble Space Telescope to observe the properties of galaxies.

In order to calculate the gravitational wave frequency, they used a technique known as gravitational lensing, which involves combining observations of galaxies in the same way that astronomers use the Hubble to see objects in distant galaxies.

This technique allows them to measure the density and density distributions of the mass in a given galaxy, so that they can determine how far away the galaxy is.

This measurement was then compared to a model of dark energy.

Scherrer’s team compared the gravitational-wave measurements to observations of dark space using Hubble Space Observatory.

They found that, while there were some discrepancies in the two, the gravitational fluctuations in dark space had a much larger amplitude.

The model of gravitating dark matter was a lot more accurate.

“If dark matter is the most probable explanation for the observed mass distribution, then the gravitational field of dark-matter-dominated galaxies is a little bit different than dark space,” Scherrerer said in a statement.

The researchers then used a model developed by theoretical astrophysicists to calculate that dark energy could explain the mass distribution in the cosmos.

This model suggested that a dark-space-based gravitational field could explain a mass imbalance in galaxies that occurs in the early Universe, when the Universe was only about 10% the size of the current one.

“That’s a pretty large discrepancy, and that’s probably the most important point that we can make in our work,” Scherrrer said, “because dark matter seems to explain a lot of the discrepancies that we see between our observations and the model.”

“The model has some flaws, but it’s a really robust one,” he said.

The results have a direct bearing on the current search for dark matter, which uses the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland to search for evidence of the elusive matter that could explain dark energy and dark matter interactions.

While the latest results do not definitively prove that dark space is the main cause of the observed variations in the mass, the new results do suggest that dark-energy-dominated dark space might account for the discrepancy in the observed distribution.

The study’s authors also believe that the existence and behavior of dark spaces could be explained by the existence or behavior of the so-called dark matter black holes, which are dark, extremely dense objects that are formed from dark matter that was annihilated when a galaxy was destroyed.

The dark matter dark-mass black holes have been theorized to be the missing link in the creation of the galaxies, which in turn, could explain some of the differences between the observed masses of the two galaxies, as well as the observed properties of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, the background radiation emitted by the Universe.

The research was funded by the National Science Foundation.

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