How to watch all the movies that are coming out this week in Canada

California will not be the first state to pass laws restricting access to movie theaters.

Last month, the National Film Board of Canada, which has oversight over Canada’s moviegoing industry, imposed a new movie curfew law in a bid to curb violence in movies and on the Internet.

The new law, which takes effect on June 2, requires movie theaters to close after midnight on weekends and during movies with the most violence.

The law was prompted by the shooting death of a man in Chicago by an intruder who opened fire with a rifle.

The shooter was later killed by police.

In the U.S., the National Association of Theater Owners has issued guidelines for how to get into theaters after midnight.

The group recommends that you avoid movies with scenes involving violence, drugs, alcohol and/or drugs and guns.

It also advises patrons to use good judgment and check the security screen before entering a theater, as well as be careful of what movies are playing and where they are playing.

(The National Association also recommends that patrons be careful about watching any movies with nudity.)

Here are some of the films that have been banned in the U, including The Hangover, The Hurt Locker, and Deadpool.

The most violent films to watch in Canada: The Hurt Lovers: A violent comedy set in a dystopian future where violence has been legalized.

(Fox Searchlight) The Hangout: A psychological thriller set in the future where the violent criminal underworld of the United States has been re-imagined by science.

(Universal Pictures) The Revenant: An action thriller about an ex-military commando who takes up arms against the elite U.K. army in order to reclaim his family and stop the reopening of the infamous Castle in the Sky.

(Warner Bros.)

The Revenger: A brutal psychological thriller about a former soldier who is recruited into a terrorist organization, only to become the subject of a secret government program designed to prevent a terrorist attack.

(Pixar) The Wolf of Wall Street: A dark and heart-wrenching movie about the rise of the world’s biggest bank and the rise to power of a billionaire.

(Sony Pictures Classics) The Lego Movie: A family-friendly family movie starring Emma Stone as a girl in New York City who discovers that she can make Lego bricks, but she is stuck in a world where everyone knows she’s a fraud.

(Disney) The Martian: An all-star cast including Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Idris Elba reprises his role as a man who can control the weather in the near future.

(Amazon) Deadpool: An untitled action-comedy that takes place in the United Kingdom where an evil government agent is trying to turn the country into a dystopian version of the American West.

(Totaldo Films) The Lone Ranger: An adaptation of the iconic Western starring Ryan Reynolds, Michael Shannon, Jamie Foxx, and Dolph Lundgren.

(Barry Levinson) The Dark Knight Rises: A comic book-inspired movie about a young boy with superpowers.

(WB/Fox Searchlights) The Big Short: A comedy about a hedge fund manager who must negotiate a global financial crisis.

(FOX Searchlights and Lionsgate) Star Trek Beyond: An epic space opera set in 2033, with Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch returning to star as Captain Kirk and Michael J. Fox as the title character.

(Star Wars) The Amazing Spider-Man: A sci-fi thriller starring Dane DeHaan and Michelle Williams.

(New Line Cinema) Logan: A movie about an assassin who must stop a villain who is trying (and succeeds) to turn a city into a virtual city.

(Paramount Pictures)

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