How to spot the signs of an officer’s use of force: A guide

Police use of deadly force is on the rise in the U.S. — and with it, the use of lethal force is also on the increase.

As a result, the U of L Police Department has been on alert to spot and document instances of misconduct.

“We know it’s happening and we know it happens and it’s affecting our relationships with citizens,” said Police Chief Greg Mott.

“So we need to make sure our use of this force is consistent with our policy and the values we have at the University of L. “This includes the use and protection of students, our community and the campus.

“It includes protecting our rights, our dignity and our privacy.

So we’re making sure we’re keeping the most up-to-date information on what is happening, and making sure that we are keeping the community informed.” 

A University of Louisville student was arrested by the University Police Department for making an “unauthorized motion” during a student assembly on March 12.

The student said he did not make any motion when he was arrested, and that the officer did not have to physically hold him down or put handcuffs on him.

A second student was also arrested by police for making the same motion during the same assembly.

“I do feel like my rights were violated,” said student John Lohr.

“My rights were not violated.”

Lohd said he was “shocked and upset” by the arrest.

The U of LA Police Department said it does not have video of the incident, but a witness has posted a video to social media showing Lohm making the motion.

U ofL’s campus police said they are reviewing the video and will not be releasing it until an investigation is complete. 

Lohr said he feels “betrayed” by Lohar’s arrest.

“How can you police for another person if you have no reason to believe you’re not violating their rights?”

Loh said.

“And it feels like I was wronged and this was not the officer’s fault.

He was on the wrong side of the law.” 

Luhar said the officer who arrested him was a fellow officer and did not know him.

“He didn’t know me,” Loha said.

Lohl said he’s still in shock over the incident.

“If I was a student or an officer and I was arrested and it was because of my speech or something that was going on, I would have done something about it, and I would be charged with a crime,” Luhar told ABC News.

“But because I wasn’t, I was punished.

I feel like I’ve been unfairly treated.”

Lohar said he wants to make a public statement against the use-of-force incidents he says happened.

He also wants to help his community understand what police are trying to do to them and what they’re trying to achieve through their use of excessive force.

“What happened to me, it happened to so many people,” Lihar said.

“What we’re seeing, in our community, is a lot of officers going back and forth, using force, not always to make the arrest but to get out of the way of people.

We have a lot to be concerned about, and it should be a concern for everyone,” Lhar said in a telephone interview.

“The police have to have the right to do what they want.

If they don’t have the authority, then the public should have the same authority.”

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