How to Protect Yourself From ‘Martial Law’ USA

An international group of internet activists are warning of a potential “Martial law” if President Donald Trump continues to impose a martial law in the US.

The group, known as “The CyberCitizens League” (CCL), released a statement on Monday which outlines the steps the group has taken to counter the threat posed by the martial law.

“The President’s ‘martial’ laws are not about restoring order, they are about restoring the status quo of the United States.

And restoring order will require the people of the USA to rise up and oppose the Trump martial law and resist the efforts to destroy the freedoms that they enjoy,” the statement reads.

The CCL, which has been campaigning against martial law for years, points to a number of examples where it has been effective in stopping the imposition of martial law by the Trump administration, including: The death of former President George W Bush in 2011The arrest of Black Panthers, and the removal of former Vice President Al Gore from officeIn September 2016, protesters in Baltimore blocked a portion of Interstate 78, an important transportation route in the city, and shut down Interstate 93 for five hours in protest of the inauguration of Trump.

“We are calling on people in the United State to rise and resist President Trump’s ‘Martials’ law and the US military’s assault on the freedoms of the people,” the group’s statement reads.

“We are also calling on all people of goodwill to join the fight against this ‘Marties’ law, so that we can stop the US Military from imposing Martial Law across the country, and restore the US Constitution to its rightful place as the law of the land.”

Activists have been using social media to raise awareness about the threat from martial law, particularly in the wake of the death of Vice President Gore in 2011, which was the first death of a US President during his tenure.

The cybercriminals behind the recent cyber attack against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are also known to be active in online forums and social media platforms, but the CyberCitizen League believes the military’s response to the threat will be similar to the one faced by Gore.

“What we’re seeing here is the military stepping in and taking on this threat,” the CCL’s statement continues.

“But we’re also seeing the military taking on other forms of cyber-crime.

The military has been using malware against our networks, stealing our data and stealing our personal information.

The cybercrimics are using malware to target our email accounts, our websites, and our social media accounts, and they’re targeting our political organizations.

The group argues that the US is facing a “martial-law” threat as the result of the implementation of Trump’s “martials” law, which is “a dangerous step towards martial law.””

It is time for all of us to stand up against these cyber-criminals.”

The group argues that the US is facing a “martial-law” threat as the result of the implementation of Trump’s “martials” law, which is “a dangerous step towards martial law.”

The US has been fighting a battle against cybercrime since 2012, when President Barack Obama issued executive orders, which sought to crack down on online “black markets.”

In 2014, the military took the extraordinary step of seizing control of Twitter and Facebook in a sweeping crackdown on online crime, which it dubbed “Operation Twitterhammer.”

In 2017, the US Navy and Marines deployed to Syria to launch a cyberwar against Russian-backed separatists, who had been attempting to seize control of a large swath of territory across the region.

According to the CCl, the Trump’s martial-law order is not only aimed at stopping cybercrime, but also “defeating the US Army.”

The military will continue to “use cyberwarfare as a tool of war against the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and other countries that seek to disrupt America’s security,” the organization warns.

The Cyber Citizen League urges Americans to join them in calling on Trump and the military to immediately reverse the move against them.

The statement goes on to urge “anyone who thinks the US Government is capable of standing up to cybercrime to do so immediately, and if they cannot do so, to take action to defend yourself from martial-laws”.

“We need you to use the tools that the government has provided you and take action against any threats that you find, and do not let your government and its officials turn a blind eye to the cyber-warfare that the military is using against you,” it concludes.

“If you believe that the United Nations is being compromised by the military, or that Russia is working to destabilize the United states, we urge you to contact your senators and your representatives.”

If you’re concerned about your online safety, the CCE also offers free online safety training to help you become more informed about the cybercrime threat, and to identify cybercrimps that are targeting your online accounts.

The organization is also working to raise the profile of other anti-cyber-crimper efforts in the form of the Blackout Project, a campaign

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