How to make sure your baby gets a better shot at the 2020 Olympics

When it comes to choosing the next Olympian, it’s hard to find a better choice than California.

The state is known for its spectacular scenery and is one of only two in the country to offer a fully-frozen, 24-hour Olympics.

It is also home to the highest concentration of people of any state in the US, with an average of 12,000 residents.

However, as the world’s third largest economy, the state has struggled to find ways to finance its bid.

The California Department of Finance has raised $15bn for the 2020 Olympic Games, with a final tally expected in 2021.

This will be the state’s fourth Olympics.

But it has never made a bid, and many experts believe the funding gap could be much larger than originally projected.

The Games are expected to bring billions of dollars to the state, and it is estimated that the cost could be between $7bn and $10bn, according to the LA Times.

California has raised about $8bn to cover its $8.6bn Olympic funding, but many experts are worried that the state will have to spend a lot more.ABC News is running a new special report this week about the funding crisis in California.

It highlights how the state is struggling to make the Olympics financially viable.

The budget shortfall is not only a concern for the state as a whole, but also the athletes, officials and the people of California.

“The state has spent a lot of money to prepare for the Olympics, but it has not been able to fund it,” said Chris Tully, a former Olympic team captain.ABC/wiresTopics:oprah-winning-july,news,oprah,united-states,united_states-aid,united…

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