How to make a fake police report, even when you’re not the victim of a crime

If you are an innocent bystander who was the victim in a domestic violence incident, you may have to answer to a police officer to get help.

That’s the advice of a Wisconsin woman who says she was forced to give a fake report of an attempted rape to get her son back from jail.

In a video published by Fox News on Monday, Kimberly Smith says she wanted to get justice for her son, who she says was beaten up by her estranged husband.

But the report was fake.

“I had to write him up and then I had to go get a lawyer to try to get him out of jail,” Smith told Fox News.

She then says she went back to court and got a warrant to arrest her son and bring him in.

“They called the cops,” she said, “and they didn’t even give me a name.

It was just a picture of a girl, and it wasn’t him.”

The story was first reported by Fox 4 Wisconsin.

Smith was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct for the incident, and she was later sentenced to six years in prison, but a judge decided to release her on her own recognizance after she was released.

Her son, also named Smith, is now living in jail.

She said she thought that since her son was innocent and was just trying to protect her and her daughter, the police had no obligation to help her get her kid back.

“It’s my son,” she told Fox 4.

“We can’t let them down.”

Read more about fake police reports in Wisconsin: #wisconsin

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