How to get rid of the martial law 2021

When the United States was under martial law in 2021, the country was plunged into a deep crisis.

The US was unable to take care of its citizens as the nation’s government, under the command of the former president, Donald J. Trump, was running rampant.

But by 2025, the new president, Rodrigo Duterte, was in power and had vowed to fight against corruption and organised crime. 

The martial law had been enacted with the aim of bringing down the country’s spiralling murder rate.

But in the end, many of the measures failed to prevent more people being killed in the streets and in the homes. 

For many Filipinos, the most significant change to the country under martial rule came in 2019, when the Philippine government was able to implement a series of reforms that were intended to improve the lives of the countrys citizens.

Among them were the creation of an anti-corruption commission, the re-opening of several ports, the creation in 2020 of the National Audit Bureau and the creation, in 2021 at the earliest, of the Philippine Institute for Social Sciences. 

However, these reforms were quickly met with resistance from some of the key figures in the ruling party.

In response, President Duterte had declared martial law on August 30, 2021, a week after the signing of the Association Agreement between the two countries. 

On August 30th, the President had ordered the military to cease operations in the country, including the operations of police and military, and the closure of the ports. 

Despite Duterte’s declaration, the United Nations Human Rights Council was able, in early 2021, to impose a deadline for all the armed forces to halt operations in a bid to reduce the killing rate. 

Although Duterte declared martial rule on August 28, 2021 after the signing of the Arson Agreement between the two nations, many people remained hopeful that the country would return to normal. 

But the President quickly changed his mind. 

He ordered the armed services to start operations again, on August 31, 2021. 

By then, more than 200 people had already been killed, and another 400 wounded.

The President continued to insist that the armed service could not be disbanded, and that it had to remain in full force. 

Duterte even went so far as to declare martial law to the entire country on September 2, 2021 and the start of martial law, as he declared that it would be a “totalitarian” regime. 

In his inaugural address, Duterte said that the martial order would last until the end of the year and that people would have to be ready to accept it. 

It was not until February 22, 2022 that the President finally signed the Anti-Corruption Law, which made it a crime to commit any crime with the intent of defrauding the country. 

With the new laws and the new rules, the Philippines became a country in a state of emergency. 

As part of the anti-crime measures, the Philippine National Police (PNP) was ordered to immediately shut down several major ports and the border with Vietnam. 

And on August 24, 2021 , the government announced that the Philippine International Airport (PIAN) and the Manila International Airport would be closed down, and all passenger and cargo planes entering the country will be subject to a 90-day quarantine. 

There were also some changes to the constitution of the Philippines, which saw the President declare martial rule over the entire nation. 

Among these changes were the establishment of the Constitutional Court and the establishment, in 2019 at the latest, of a new Supreme Court. 

These changes were a direct result of the Duterte administration’s declaration of martial rule. 

Within a month, the number of executions increased by 70 per cent, with some executions going as far as the end. 

While the death penalty was abolished, the courts did not.

Instead, a process known as “imposition of death” was put in place that allowed the government to impose the death sentence on people who had committed certain crimes. 

Another change to Philippine law was the abolition of the death row system.

Instead of a death sentence, the death of a person was a condition that could lead to a death penalty. 

One of the main reasons for the death sentences was the alleged involvement of members of the “Los Zetas” (the Zetassas drug cartel) in the killings. 

At least one of the suspected Zetillas, Jose Mariano Rodriguez, was hanged in October of 2021.

He was executed for the murder of Juan Arguello in September, 2019, while another, Jose Luis Garcia Padilla, was executed in January of 2021 for the killing of Ramon Santos in December of 2021, and Rodrigo Peralta, was killed in January, 2019 for the killings of Luis Emilio Lopez and Jesus Garcia in April of 2021 respectively. 

Several of the suspects in the Zetasses murders were released from jail in 2021.

But despite the efforts of

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