How to avoid a Virginia gun law in 2019

The Virginian-Pilot reports that on Wednesday, lawmakers voted to change the state’s concealed carry law, to allow the carrying of guns in bars and restaurants.

The law would go into effect July 1.

The amendment would also allow for concealed weapons on the school grounds, which is already allowed.

The proposed change would apply to the city of Norfolk, where Norfolk High School in Norfolk is located, and the town of Arlington.

It would also affect the city’s school district, and would affect local laws in some cases.

The proposal would allow residents to carry a concealed weapon in restaurants, bars and places of worship.

In a statement, the Virginia Department of Public Safety said that if the amendment passes, the law would still be considered to be constitutional.

In its original form, the amendment was passed by the House in March, and passed the Senate in April.

In the House, it was referred to the Judiciary Committee.

The Senate is expected to take up the measure again this year.

Virginia was one of 17 states that passed a law last year to allow concealed weapons in restaurants and bars, but the change did not become law.

The new law does allow the use of guns at bars, clubs and on public transit, but does not allow them to be used on college campuses.

The measure was passed in March after a gunman killed 26 people at Virginia Tech University.

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