How Rudy Giuliani’s campaign could be the most influential political operative of 2018

The most powerful political operative in 2018?

Rudy Giuliani.

He’s the man who could potentially save the presidency of the United States, but his path to the top may be a little more complicated than most.

Here are the top five most influential players in 2018:1.

Rudy Giuliani: The former mayor of New York City is the latest candidate to enter the race, and he’s been in the race since the first days of the year.

The former mayor has been a fixture of the national political scene, and has been one of the main organizers behind Donald Trump’s successful campaign in the early months of his administration.

He was the first person in the world to publicly endorse Trump’s candidacy, and in February, he was one of three Republicans to do so, along with former New York Gov.

and former Trump campaign adviser John Kasich.2.

Donald Trump: The Republican presidential front-runner is still at the very early stages of the campaign, and Giuliani has been instrumental in helping build his national network.

Giuliani helped create the New York delegation for the Republican National Convention in July, and is the current head of the Trump campaign.3.

Jeb Bush: The retired neurosurgeon and former Florida governor is the most powerful man in Republican politics right now, and with just days left until the general election, he’s already been one-upping his former boss on a number of fronts.

Bush, a longtime surrogate for Trump, has spent the past week laying out his agenda, including a call to repeal and replace Obamacare and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would bring U.S. manufacturing back to the U.K.

A number of conservative and libertarian Republicans are looking for a way to unite with the former governor in the election.4.

Ben Carson: The neurosurgeons son, Carson is currently running for the White House and he has already announced his candidacy.

He’s been heavily involved in Trump’s campaign, as well as his own presidential bid, and his team is using the GOP convention to help him get elected.5.

Donald J. Trump Jr.: The President’s eldest son, Trump has been trying to woo his father’s supporters and supporters of the GOP establishment since the beginning of the presidential campaign.

He has been very visible during Trump’s rallies and his rallies have been filled with protesters and hecklers, and that has made the President very nervous.

The President has made it clear that he is interested in seeing his son take a serious stance on immigration reform, and on foreign policy.

The last four candidates are in the minority in terms of power, but if they all make it through, they’ll have the most influence.

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