Gas tax bill passed by Missouri Legislature

Missouri legislators passed a gas tax bill on Wednesday that will fund transportation projects and fund a $200 million highway repair program.

State Rep. David B. Martin (D-St. Louis Park) sponsored the legislation, which was approved by the House and Senate in separate votes.

The bill would allocate $200m for projects such as the repair of a highway overpass in Springfield, a new bridge over the Missouri River in Jefferson City, a bridge over Interstate 5 in Springfield and the reconstruction of the State Highway 6 in Columbia.

State Sen. Mike Haney (R-Columbia) also voted for the bill, which passed in the Senate.

Haney said in a statement that he voted for $200M for road repairs.

He also said he will vote for the gas tax as part of a package of measures that he will introduce this year to pay for road and bridge repairs.

The House passed the bill by a vote of 23-8.

The Senate approved the bill as well.

Senate President Keith Faber (R) said in the statement that the Senate is working to approve the bill and the House will have to approve it as well, adding that the gas money will be used to build roads and bridges in the state.

“The $200 Million gas tax increase will help pay for roads and bridge projects across Missouri and to build new roads and infrastructure,” Faber said.

“Our roads are our arteries, and we need our roads and highways to be safer and more efficient for everyone.”

The gas tax is expected to raise $25 million annually.

The money is projected to come from an additional $2 billion in gas taxes, a $5 million property tax increase and $2.5 million in sales tax increases.

Hanez, who chairs the state’s transportation committee, said he is committed to finding $200.5m for roads, bridges and other projects, and said the Senate will take a more comprehensive look at all the proposals.

The gas bill, the largest in Missouri history, will take effect at the end of the year.

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