California judge rules parents not to file divorce case on daughter in office

Judge rules parents can’t file divorce on daughter-in-law, even if they were married in another state.

The California Court of Appeal on Monday upheld the ruling of a three-judge panel of the state’s Superior Court that a California father-in and daughter-to-be can’t petition for divorce on their daughter-lover.

The parents were married at the California state capitol in Sacramento in September 2017, when the father was chief justice of the California Supreme Court.

The daughter was born there in October 2018.

In his decision, Justice James F. Muehlhauser said the California Court Of Appeal had no jurisdiction over the matter because it was an issue between two different people.

“A California father and daughter cannot, on the one hand, marry and file a petition for dissolution of marriage on the grounds that they are living in a different state,” Muehlenhauser wrote.

The father-daughter marriage was valid in California until 2017, the same year the daughter was legally a minor.”

The court must, therefore, issue a decree that the divorce was invalid.”

The father-daughter marriage was valid in California until 2017, the same year the daughter was legally a minor.

The court ruled the divorce wasn’t valid because the father couldn’t prove he and the daughter were married and divorced.

The California Supreme Judicial Court disagreed, arguing the California court had jurisdiction to determine if the divorce is valid because it had jurisdiction over two different parties.

The ruling was based on a California law that sets out how courts handle the marriage of minors and sets out requirements for couples seeking divorce.

It also sets out when and how to file for divorce and how much the divorce filing fee must be paid.

Muehle said it was the court’s policy not to issue divorce petitions on the basis of the parents’ marital status in other states.

But Muehang rejected that argument and said the state had jurisdiction in this case.

He said the court could have granted the petition on the ground that the father had never married the daughter, but the judge agreed with Muehalas argument.

Muhlenhasaid he didn’t rule on the merits of the father-and-daughter divorce petition.

But he said the father and his wife were entitled to file the petition for the purpose of filing for divorce in California.

The father could have filed for divorce as a separate person, but he had to wait until after he married the girl to file a divorce petition, he said.

Muyhlenahas ruling didn’t address the issue of whether a child was legally married to the father before she was 18 years old.

The state Legislature last year approved a measure to allow same-sex marriage in California, but it didn’t go into effect until January 2020.

The law allows children of same-gender couples to marry if they are 16 years old or younger and meet certain requirements, including being of the same sex.

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