California Gun Laws Could Be ‘Massive’ For Second Amendment: Report

The California state legislature is poised to pass a gun control law that would impose a ban on certain types of assault weapons, require background checks on firearm sales, and require gun buyers to provide mental health records.

The bill, which the state Senate is considering, is expected to pass the state House of Representatives this week and go to Gov.

Jerry Brown for his signature.

The bill would also ban sales to people on “fugitive or unlawful” watch lists.

The new gun control measures are the latest to hit California in recent years.

In January, the state passed a bill that would have allowed law enforcement to confiscate guns without judicial review.

In February, the legislature passed a gun law that was later struck down in court.

In May, a bill was passed that would require background check for all gun sales, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and impose a statewide ban on online sales.

The California legislature’s latest gun bill would ban all semi-automatic weapons and bump stocks, which allow semi-automatics to fire more bullets per magazine.

A bump stock is a device that increases the rate of fire of a semi-auto rifle to increase the rate at which it can fire more rounds per minute, allowing a shooter to fire a burst of bullets that can travel through air more quickly.

The ban would require gun owners to report to police their purchases, and the law would make it easier for people to obtain a restraining order against gun owners who have been found to have violated restraining orders, which can prevent people from owning guns in certain situations.

California already has a law that requires a court order to prevent gun owners from owning firearms in certain circumstances, including if a gun owner is on a watch list, or is a fugitive or has been convicted of a felony.

The state bill also bars people on the list from purchasing firearms.

The law also bans certain types the military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines, which hold more than 10 bullets in the chamber and allow the guns to fire many times.

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