Benford’s Law School grad’s lawsuit claims wrongful termination, negligence

A high school graduate from New York City has filed a lawsuit against Benford and his law firm alleging that he was fired from the firm without cause and sued after he refused to sign a document mandating that he stop talking to law students and sign an agreement promising that they would never sue Benford or his law school.

Law School Grad Says He Was Fired, Not Confirmed by Benford Law School graduate Benford is one of the most powerful lawyers in the world.

He’s been sued by a former employee who accused him of sexual harassment and has been accused of stealing confidential client information.

Benford’s attorney, Paul D. Brien, says in the lawsuit that he has proof that Benford did not act on any of his promises, including signing the document.

Brien also says Benford told him that if he told the law school he had done so, the company would fire him.

“He had no interest in being fired,” Brien told HuffPost.

“He did not want to get in trouble.

He did not have a reason to be fired.”

Dawn Benford filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer, Benford & Stoughton on Thursday.

The suit says she was terminated in May of 2018 because she refused to stop talking with students about her sexual harassment claims and signing the form.

The lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, according to a news release from Benford.

The news release did not provide a date for filing.

A representative for Benford declined to comment to HuffPost.

Benfords attorney, Joseph S. Danko, told HuffPost in a phone interview that he believes Benford was fired based on a complaint filed in February 2018.

The suit claims that Benfords actions violated a New York law prohibiting sexual harassment.

The New York attorney general’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A spokesperson for Benfers attorney declined to discuss the specifics of the complaint, but said in a statement: “We believe the law is clear on this matter and the company will vigorously defend itself.”

The law school has faced multiple accusations of sexual misconduct from former students and employees over the years, and it is one that has gained increasing attention in recent months after a video surfaced of a former graduate, De’Vondre Campbell, telling students she had sexually harassed her.

In May, former employee De’Juan Williams, also a graduate, sued Benford for sexual harassment, saying he was sexually harassed by the firm’s general counsel and told to stop contacting the firm.

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