A Colorado man was arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving with a blood alcohol level of .16, a violation of a new state law

Time | The Colorado Springs Gazette (CO) | January 21, 2018 12:33:22A 32-year-old man from Denver was arrested early Saturday after he crashed his car into a tree in his backyard in the town of Northwood, Colorado, police said.

According to police, Officer David Stoddard was driving north on US 1 in Northwood when he saw a car with a front-end damage and saw the driver behind the wheel had a blood-alcohol level of.16 times the legal limit.

Stoddard, who was off-duty, pulled over to investigate, police spokesman Brian Murphy said.

When he arrived at the scene, Stoddards vehicle smelled like alcohol, Murphy said, and he smelled a “strong odor of marijuana” from inside his vehicle.

He told officers he did not realize he was in possession of marijuana, according to police.

Stodard told police he stopped to let his children play on the playground and then was in a “tizzy,” Murphy said at a press conference.

StoddARD was charged with reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, failure to stop, and DUI.

He was booked into the Boulder County Jail.

His next court date is scheduled for Tuesday, when a judge is scheduled to hear his case.

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