Month: November 2021

What you need to know about the top law schools in the United States

With the presidential election just days away, the top 20 law schools have been released.Below are our top 20 schools for 2018, ranked by their number of applicants per class.Read more about our top law school rankings and our methodology here.1.Yale Law School (New Haven, Connecticut)1.2.New York University (New York)2.Stanford University (Stanford, California)3.New Orleans School […]

Which Texas law will be upheld in federal gun lawsuit?

Dallas, Texas (AP) A federal judge in Texas has ruled that a state law that requires gun owners to surrender their guns at gun shows to prevent “sudden and widespread” violence was constitutional.The U.S. District Court for the District of Texas in San Antonio ruled Thursday that Texas law was constitutional under the Second Amendment.Texas […]

The ‘Criminal Minds’ show of Harvard Law School graduates in the ‘Criminological Insights’ series

Harvard Law has a new look.In this new series, the school looks at how law schools, like other fields of study, are transforming.Harvard Law’s new online course, “Criminsological Insight: Lessons from the Criminological Sciences,” offers an introduction to criminology and its relation to crimenomics, the field of criminological research and the law.The course is designed […]

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