Month: August 2021

How to prove that a movie is infringing copyright in the U.S.

How do you prove that an article is infringing the copyright of another country?It’s a tricky question, especially when it comes to movies, where copyright law is so fuzzy and complicated that even a quick Google search can lead to a slew of conflicting opinions and claims of copyright infringement.There are a lot of different […]

Frederick law attorney: Fredrick law attorney has been charged with misdemeanor

Fredrick Lawrence Olmsted, a former chief law enforcement officer in Maryland, was arrested in May for allegedly selling child pornography and selling stolen property, authorities announced Tuesday.Olmsted was charged with two felony counts of distributing child pornography, one count of possessing stolen property and one count each of possession of marijuana and marijuana-related paraphernalia, the […]

When the Martial Law 2020 comes to a close, we have some important things to talk about

The following is an article about the transition from martial law to natural law.When will martial law end?When natural law ends?This is a hard question to answer.The answer depends on the nature of the changes, the political will to continue them, and the actions of those who are willing to fight to preserve the system.Martial […]

Who’s who in the global war on drugs

A war on narcotics has gone from a national obsession to an international one, with a few notable exceptions.This article explores the international players in the battle.Marijuana is legal in most countries in the world.But the U.S. and Mexico are the two countries where it is not legal.In fact, it’s illegal to possess or use […]

A theory on why science is so hard

Godwin’s Law is one of those laws that seems to be universally accepted, but that’s not necessarily true.The law states that if a scientific theory is disproven, the idea can be called out.That is, if someone suggests that Godwin was wrong about something, they are not allowed to ignore the idea of Godwin himself being […]

Harvard law school bans student ‘implied’ consent

Updated June 27, 2019 14:11:24 Harvard Law School, which is the world’s oldest law school, has banned a student who was accused of sexual misconduct and accused of “implied” consent, according to a report in The Boston Globe.The students’ attorney, Jonathan Ziegler, told the paper the students’ lawyers were trying to get the case thrown […]

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