Month: July 2021

Which U.S. states allow married same-sex couples to get married?

WASHINGTON — A federal judge in Utah has ruled that the state’s same-gender marriage ban cannot be enforced against a lesbian couple, upholding an earlier decision that upheld a lower court’s ruling that it cannot be done.The ruling by U.A. Superior Court Judge David J. Henderson is likely to reignite debate over whether Utah is […]

Jim Crow laws in Arizona, California, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah are in limbo

Jim Crow, Jim Crow Laws, and the Law of Syllogism.Jim Crow Laws and the law of semantics are three laws that are being debated and challenged in several states across the United States.A case in Arizona recently reached the U.S. Supreme Court and will decide if Arizona’s draconian new law, SB 1070, is constitutional.SB 1070 […]

How the Lone Star State became the latest battleground in the battle for the internet

This is the story of the internet war.It’s the story that led to a federal judge deciding that the internet should be regulated, a decision that, while technically valid, was overturned by a federal appeals court on Monday.The decision by U.S. District Judge Andrew Napolitano in San Antonio means that the federal government must comply […]

N.Y. state senator pleads guilty to using his personal email account to send millions of emails to colleagues

The New York State Senate on Monday approved the resignation of a Democrat who used her personal email for government business while in office.Senator Barbara Madigan (D-Manhattan) resigned after being charged with a felony count of violating federal law, according to a news release from the state Senate.She was the first member of the Legislature […]

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